[Metal] agenda for 30Aug shop meeting

Tony Verma tonyv at cellspace.org
Wed Aug 29 03:11:18 EDT 2007

Hey Everyone.  So it is time once again for a shop meeting.  The  
meetings happen the last thursday of the month at 7:30pm in the metal  
shop.  To make these meetings bit more enticing, and to revive an old  
tradition of the metal shop, i'll bring beer and snacks - see you there!


- pay rent and dues
- shop participation requirements
- keys for back door
- lock for shop


- pay rent and dues:
Time to pay rent and dues.  Bring in your 48.00 checks made payable  
to cellspace and your $10 cash for shop dues.   If you can't make the  
meeting, mail your check to Jane Verma, 764 Page #3, San Francisco,  
CA 94117 and drop off your dues (with a note) in the newly installed  
mailbox attached to the metal cabinet next to the welders.

- shop participation requirements:
At the last shop meeting, a proposal was floated to require  
participation by members.  The idea is that a collectively run shop  
only works if its members participate.  The proposal is to nail down  
exactly what participation requirements will be.  Here are some of  
the ideas from the last meeting:
   - shop members must attend at least 1 meeting every 4 (perhaps 3)  
months.  Many reasons for this - get to know your fellow shop  
members, find out what's happening with the shop, find out what's  
happening at cellspace, pay up on dues etc.,
   -  shop members must participate at least a few (to be determined)  
of the following per year:
      - metal shop group art show
      - metal shop action day (we generally have 2-3 per year)
      - metal shop volunteer art project - like the facade
      - teach or ta a metal shop class
      - more to be added

- keys to back door:
I have them, come get 'em (and sign your life away)...

- lock for shop:
We'll decide what to do about the locking the shop gate.  Two options:
   1. keep it secure with a lock that is keyed differently than the  
the back door (more keys, but fewer people besides metal shop folks  
will get access)
   2. keep is secure with a lock that is keyed the same as the new  
locks on the back door of cellspace (less keys, but then everyone at  
cellspace that gets a key can let themselves into the shop)

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